Lindsay & Ethan

Lindsay and Ethan’s wedding was a thrill to film. Not only are they super nice and fun to be around, they love the Lord and wanted to make Him the center of their day. The Gospel was proclaimed throughout the day, as all who attended were reminded of what Christ has done for us, our true bridegroom. My hope and prayer is that you might also discover (or rediscover) the Gospel message that was proclaimed during their special day, and that the Lord will change your life as he has done so for Lindsay and Ethan.

Enjoy! -DL

In The Begining

A 2 minute piece I c0-wrote/ directed/ DP’d for Liberty University Online.

Caitlin & Kevin // Boca Grande, FL

My cousin Caitlin and her new husband Kevin! Enjoy! -DL

The Suffering That Made Me Whole

A video I made for a communion service at Gospel Community Church.

Thanks to my friends Bryce, Cody, Krystal and Melissa for their help!

Liberty University’s Center For Global Engagement: Team Ghana

This past March I went with to Ghana with a Liberty University Center For Global Engagement Team. While there I was responsible for documenting the trip, capturing stories and helping with some administrative duties. Below is the video I put together from the trip. Enjoy! -DL


Faces of Ghana

I just returned from Ghana, Africa with 12 Liberty University students over spring break. While there I was responsible for documenting their trip through video and photos. Below is a photo gallery of some of the people I met during our short time in Ghana. To view as a slideshow, click any photo. -DL

Abby & James | Married

Atlas Rhoads | Winds & Waves Kickstarter

My friend Tim Riordan and his band Atlas Rhoads are putting out a full length album this spring called “Winds and Waves”. I put together a short video for them to use on their Kickstarter page.

Sarah & Ryan // Philadelphia, PA

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

A new spot for Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary that I had the opportunity to work on this past fall.

Role: Writer, Director, DP, Editor

Special thanks to my friends Bryce Morris for Asst. Directing and Walcene Metayer for his color work.

Liberty University School of Aeronautics

Over the past few months I had the opportunity to create two spots for Liberty’s School of Aeronautics. It was a blast flying with some of the students and flight instructors to get aerial footage. What impressed me the most was the professor and flight instructors’ hearts for their students. They all have a deep desire for their students to be excellent pilots, and to show their students how much Jesus loves them. I think you’ll feel the same after watching this video. Enjoy! -DL

Role: Writer, Director, DP, Editor

Kelly & Tim | Victor, NY

Lisa Britt & Dave | Wedding Highlight

Atlas Rhoads

I recently made a music video for my friend Tim’s band, Atlas Rhoads. They had a show coming up and he asked me to make a music video to help promote it. They covered Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” in acoustic brilliance. Shout out to my friend Bryce Morris doing a killer job shooting with me.

Sarah & Josh | Married

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed.

The World Is Open | Trailer

“The World Is Open” is a 30 minute missions documentary about what the Lord is doing around the world through Liberty University students and alumni. I had the great honor and privilege to edit the film, as well as DP the intro and write the script.

The film premiered at Liberty’s Center For Global Engagement mission trip meeting in front of about 3,000 students. Join me in praying that this project will reach others with the life transforming power of the Gospel!!!

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed.

Brooke & Aaron | Married

Liberty Campus Band | Live Album

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to be a part of Liberty University’s Campus Band live album, “Love Displayed”. I operated the stage right camera (drums) as well as edited the entire concert. Below is the song, “You Hold Me”, one of my favorites from the night. Enjoy! -DL

Maggie & Dave | Married

The beautiful wedding of Maggie and Dave at William Penn Inn.

College Graduation & New Show Reel

This upcoming Saturday marks a HUGE milestone in my life as I graduate from Liberty University with a degree in Communications, specializing in Digital Media. My four years attending Liberty have been abslutley increible. Through the friendships I’ve made, through learning about and growing closer to Jesus, and through all that I learned in classes, I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience. I’m also incredibly excited that I will continue to be a part of Liberty as I start working full time in their Marketing Office next week.

This last semester I took an independent study called “Senior Portfolio” where I made a “demo” or “show” reel with clips from all my video work. If you’ve got 3 minutes, check it out :) Enjoy! -DL

Everglades | Spring Break

This spring break I went to Florida with my family to visit my grandparents. One day I visited my buddy Bryce, who was home for spring break. Last summer when we went  to the Everglades, there weren’t many gators out. This time however was much different :) Enjoy! -DL








Wedding Reel

Throughout 2012 I had the great honor of capturing eight weddings. I put together a short two minute reel with some of my favorite shots. I’m still taking reservations for this year! You can email me at for more information. Enjoy! -DL

Liz & Gian Paul // I’m All In

I had the great privilege of shooting Liz and Gian Paul’s wedding this past August. Liz, is my good friend, Dave Christenson’s sister. Football fans may remember Gian Paul as the New York Giants chapel speaker who used the poker analogy of “All In”, which spurred them on to eventually win the 2012 Super Bowl.

Shooting Liz and Gian Paul’s wedding was a bast. Actually, I didn’t know I would be filming it until about a week prior. Dave approached me about just shooting their ceremony, but I had a better idea. Dave happens to be a killer photographer, and my younger sister needed her senior portraits done. Without hesitation we did a little old school “barter”. We agreed that if he shot my sister’s portraits, I would shoot Liz and Gian Paul’s wedding (check out Dave’s work at

The wedding was beautiful! I wish I could share the entire ceremony and reception with you. If you have had the opportunity of meeting Gian Paul and Liz, you would instantly discover that the Lord Jesus Christ is at the center of their lives and marriage. Their wedding day was no different.

Jeannine & Onofrio | Married

Jeannine & Onofrio’s Wedding Day.

Wake Up & Pray | Bible Study Series

Over the past three months I have been working with Strategic Renewal, a para-church ministry based out of Virginia. They were creating a six-week Bible study resource for small groups, which consisted of a book, workbook, and a DVD. My role of course was to create the DVD and it’s content. I directed, filmed, and edited, and colored all six sessions, each running 8-12 minutes. After three months of production, I am happy to say that it is complete and should go on sale in the new year. You can check out Strategic Renewal and all the great work they are doing here.

Below is the 30 second “introduction” that plays before each session. Enjoy!!! -DL

Jon Schneck of Relient K // Liberty Online

This past August I sat down with Jon Shneck of Relient K for a Liberty University Online promo. Relient K was playing at Liberty University and their guitar player, Jon, happens to take online classes through the school. I directed, edited and served as one of the cinematographers this piece.


Last week my friend Kandice had the day off work and my afternoon class was cancelled, so we decided to go out for a fall photo shoot! We had a fun time taking pics and hiking Sharp Top. Enjoy! -DL

Joseph & Christina | Married

A truly beautiful wedding, of a terrific couple – Joseph & Christina. Enjoy! -DL

The Wedding of Devon and Mike

A beautiful Jersey day, for a beautiful wedding! Enjoy! -DL

Last Week at Teen Week

I just finished spending a week at Tuscarora as a counselor at “Teen Week”. Teen Week is a one week camp that they put on every year for middle school and high school students. It was a total blast! I’m not going to lie, shooting 2 Friday/ Saturday weddings and jumping right into camp on Sunday was pretty exhausting…but it was worth it! The Lord did some amazing things in the hearts of the students that attended. Please join me in praying for them as the Holy Spirit continues to work in their lives.

This is a short 4 minute highlight that I put together for one of the morning sessions. The video guy for the week was busy reffing the MLS All Star Game vs Chelsea in Philly (no big deal), so I had a chance to grab some shots and put this together!

Enjoy! -DL

Liberty University Spots

I’m so excited for these 90 second spots that I was able to co-direct with my boss at Liberty University’s Marketing Office!  We produced a little over 10 spots, and the first four are now online. On these spots I served as an assistant director, director of photography and editor. However, they wouldn’t have been nearly as effective if it weren’t for my friend and co-worker, Xavier, who created the intro and outro animations in After Effects. These are the first four of many more to come! Enjoy!!! -DL

My Hummingbird

On the Fourth of July I was sitting in the backyard talking to my grandparents when all of a sudden I saw this little thing buzzing around. It turned out to be a beautiful little humming bird sipping up the nectar in the flowers. I grabbed my camera, waited a little while for it to come back and snapped this shot. Its so crazy to think that they can flap their wings up to 90 times per second! Enjoy! -DL

The Everglades

I recently went to Florida to be in my buddies’ wedding. The day after the wedding my friend Clayton and I met up with my friend Bryce, who lives in Florida. We had an awesome afternoon in the Everglades and Key Largo. We got to see some gators and other little critters in the wild. Enjoy! -DL

Laurie & Derek | Ballons, Butterflies & Crayons

It was really fun to film Laurie and Derek’s big day! I actually grew up next door to Laurie in elementary school and played on the same baseball team as Derek in Jr. High. Not only are these two head-over-heals-in-love with each other, they’re also best friends. I hope you enjoy this brief recap of their special day.

Enjoy! -DL

Kiera & Seth | Married

Back in May I had the privilege of shooting the wedding of Kiera and Seth. I can’t begin to say how much of a thrill it was to shoot and cut their wedding day. Kiera and Seth are a super special couple who desire to glorify the Lord with their lives. They shaped their entire day with the aim to celebrate them coming together as husband and wife, but also to bring glory to their Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m so excited to share part of their big day with you.

Enjoy! -DL

Beautiful Norway

I just returned from an incredible trip to Norway. I have wanted to visit for several years, but hadn’t had the opportunity to do so until now. Norway is absolutely stunning! The beauty in the cities, countryside, ocean, and fjords is breathtaking. Here are some photos from my trip. Enjoy! -DL

Champions Lead Change | Liberty University

About a month or so ago I edited three short profile videos on Liberty University students. The goal of the videos were to display several professor/ student relationships at Liberty University. We focused on the theme “Champions Lead Change”, which came out of Liberty’s motto of “Training Champions for Christ”. The videos were a part of the print “March Mailers” that Liberty University sent out in the mail. The printed publications featured a brief article on each student and provided a URL for readers to use if they wanted to read more. I believe the publication went out to over 100,000 people. It is a great honor to be a part of such a large initiative.

Enjoy! -DL

Tuscarora Summer Staff Promo

Throughout my high school years and at the start of college, I had the opportunity to work at a Christian conference center during the summer months. Tuscarora has a special place in my heart. I’ve have many fond memories and have made many friends there. But most importantly, it is a place where I have been able to really grow in my relationship with my Savior. I had the opportunity to put together a promo for their summer staff program. We wanted to focus on the potential that the program has to be a life changing experience. We especially wanted to hit how Summer Staff is an opportunity where high school and college students can grow in their walk with the Lord, make great friends and develop a solid work ethic. I think it does a pretty good job in explaining it!
Enjoy! -DL

Paige and Trevor // Engaged

I just realized I never posted Paige and Trevor’s engagement shoot! Paige and Trevor are two of my close friends and I couldn’t be happier for them. Imagine the perfect example of a couple complimenting themselves, and they would fit right in there. Best yet, they both love Jesus and want to honor him with their lives. I can’t wait to be at their wedding next month.

Enjoy! -DL

Jesus Has Made Me New // Our Stories

It has been a very long time since my last post. I’ve been very busy between moving back to school, classes and starting a part time job. Here are a few videos from this past summer that I recently uploaded online. I pray that you are encouraged and challenged from these stories. If you have questions about who this Jesus is, that my friend’s talk about in these videos, please feel free to shoot me an email

Enjoy! -DL

My little sister Elisabeth has gone through a long trial of health problems over the past few years. Throughout high school she produced and passed a great number of kidney stones. She went through over a dozen procedures and operations in hopes of finding an answer to prevent these reoccurring stones.

While these procedures never stopped her kidney stones and never gave her much comfort – she found strength, hope, love and contentment in the only one who never changes…Jesus Christ.

My little sister is not just a brave young women, she is an encouragement to my family and myself. To see her faith in the Lord grow over these past five years is crazy. The Lord has grown her into a young women that seeks Him with her life.

I hope that you are encouraged by my sister’s story. Things are always changing in our lives. Sometimes they are great, sometimes they are painful. I pray that whatever comes your way, that you turn your hope, faith and trust to Jesus – the only constant in this world.

Jesus said – “…I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” [John 16:33]

Jesus never promised that our lives would be easy. But he promises to be with us, through all the good times and the bad. He longs to do this through a personal relationship with you.

I’ve known Nick since we were nine or ten years old. We played baseball together in junior high school and lived together in the Hillcrest guy’s dorm. To see how the Lord has changed Nick’s passions and desires over the past few years has been a huge blessing and encouragement.

This guy has gone through a ton of hardships and trials. But the Lord has proved himself faithful to Nick, just like the Bible says over and over again. God doesn’t promise that our lives will be all peaches and cream. But he promises to guide us, comfort us, and lift us up through whatever garbage we face.

I haven’t known Jessica very long, but it is evident that she is completely in love with her Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the third testimony from a summer camp called Teen Week that I worked this last summer.

Freedom Forth Spot

I had the awesome opportunity to work with my friend Kristina Grandstaff on a video for Freedom Forth Ministries. Kristina heads up Freedom Forth, a small non-profit organization that aims to point women from all walks of life to succeed in their daily lives, and ultimately to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Check them out at Enjoy! -DL


Dominican Republic // Take 2

I was able to visit the Dominican Republic twice in 2010. This is short six minute film aimed at capturing the heart’s of four of the students I traveled with from Hillcrest. I pray that it encourages and challenges you to bring the gospel message of Jesus Christ to your neighbors, and then to the corners of the earth. -DL

Dominican Mission Trip Recap

Here is the first video I have made from the trip! I hope you are encouraged and challenged through it to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ wherever you may go!


Thanksgiving in the Dominican

This Thanksgiving I went with Hillcrest Academy on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. My responsibilities were to document the trip. I am still going through the 1,500 pictures and 60 gigs of video that I took…but as soon as I am done I will make sure to post it!


Dominican Republic Mission Trip

In April I had the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip with Hillcrest Lutheran Academy.


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