A compilation of my work over the past year. A special thanks to all my friends and co-workers. These projects would not have been possible without you.

Music: “Beautiful” by Austin Plane – Licensed Through The Music Bed

Projects & Roles:
“The World Is Open” – Center For Global Engagement Documentary | Writer, Editor
“In The Beginning” | DP, Editor, Co-Producer, Co-Writer
“Golf Park Coffee” | DP, Editor
“Softball Entry Video” | Writer, Director, Editor, Producer
“Track and Field” | DP
“Snowflex Games” | DP
“Football Playoff Ticket Spot” | DP
“Winterfest Spot” | Director, DP, Editor
“Football Entry Video” | Steadicam Operator
“Freedom Forth Ministries” | Director, DP, Editor
“My Mom” | DP, Co-Writer, Co-Producer
“Campus Band – Love Displayed Live DVD” | Editor, Camera Operator
“Kairos” – Jib Operator
“The Suffering That Made Me Whole” – Short Film for Gospel Community Church | Director, DP, Editor, Producer
“Various Wedding Films” – DP, Editor

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