Faces of Ghana

I just returned from Ghana, Africa with 12 Liberty University students over spring break. While there I was responsible for documenting their trip through video and photos. Below is a photo gallery of some of the people I met during our short time in Ghana. To view as a slideshow, click any photo. -DL

Everglades | Spring Break

This spring break I went to Florida with my family to visit my grandparents. One day I visited my buddy Bryce, who was home for spring break. Last summer when we went ┬áto the Everglades, there weren’t many gators out. This time however was much different :) Enjoy! -DL

My Hummingbird

On the Fourth of July I was sitting in the backyard talking to my grandparents when all of a sudden I saw this little thing buzzing around. It turned out to be a beautiful little humming bird sipping up the nectar in the flowers. I grabbed my camera, waited a little while for it to come back and snapped this shot. Its so crazy…

The Everglades

I recently went to Florida to be in my buddies’ wedding. The day after the wedding my friend Clayton and I met up with my friend Bryce, who lives in Florida. We had an awesome afternoon in the Everglades and Key Largo. We got to see some gators and other little critters in the wild. Enjoy! -DL

Beautiful Norway

I just returned from an incredible trip to Norway. I have wanted to visit for several years, but hadn’t had the opportunity to do so until now. Norway is absolutely stunning! The beauty in the cities, countryside, ocean, and fjords is breathtaking. Here are some photos from my trip. Enjoy! -DL